“There’s an app for that”

I don’t believe ICTs are just another technology. ICTs are replacing (or already have replaced) existing technologies. We are now not only users of older technologies but we are also creators. So teachers and students not only need to learn to use ICT, but also learn to create with it. Yes ICTs are frustrating, but as explained in the Medieval Help Desk video, so are most things in the beginning. The adult in the video looks a lot like a toddler trying to use a book for the first time.


Only interaction and experience can help the user become familiar with the technology. After a small amount of time, one can even create their own book!

There is an app for everything. Applications on devices have rapidly replaced physical desktop objects and Interactive white boards have replaced both classroom black and white boards. Yes these technologies can be frustrating, but so is trying to remove permeant marker from a white board after picking up the wrong pen, or worse, not being able to find a marker that works at all!

Do you remember watching a teacher trying to draw something on the blackboard while explaining it?  It is time-consuming, challenging and requires confidence just like using modern ICTs do to use. Wouldn’t it just be easier to explain it in a slide show complete with clear pictures and diagrams, or a link to a YouTube video? Pictures appear and change with the click of a button. Students are able to see what is being taught, listen to the teacher speak about it and read about it in the text on the board, rather than mostly just listening to a teacher talk and occasionally scribble something on the board.

Don’t get me wrong, the internet dropping out, temperamental external hard drives and turning your computer on to find the ‘blue screen of death’ are all extremely stressful. I know from experience. This is when the traditional teaching technologies come in handy again.

blue screen of death.jpg

Kylie Rosewarne